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Bodegas Navarro López received three important prizes during the Mundus Vini 2021 awards, including two Gold Medals


-          The Denomination of Origin of Valdepeñas as an international reference.

-          Bodegas Navarro López as an obvious reference at the Mundis Vini Awards with its Valdepeñas D.O.

Valdepeñas, March 11, 2021. Bodegas Navarro López received three medals in the Mundus Vini competition in Germany: two gold medals (one of them being Gold—Best of Show) and one of silver.


MUNDUS VINI was created by Meininger Verlag and has become of the most important wine competition in the world. The importance of this competition, in Germany as well as all over the world, is illustrated with the over 11,000 wines presented there each year.


The competition’s objective is to promote the quality and marketing of the wines present at the competition, besides being a forum for the producers, winegrowers, importers and consumers to facilitate the orientation and the purchase decision and to present them to the largest public possible.


The highest quality standards can be observed within this international competition, and the prizes awarded give the products that received them a highly distinctive mark for their marketing.


Since 2014, MUNDUS VINI happens twice a year. It first takes place in February well before the ProWein date, as a spring tasting, and in August for the fall fairs and the end of the annual commercial season, as a summer tasting.


The competition is carried out through a professional jury of enologists, wine producers and distributors, sommeliers and specialized journalists from all over the world who blindly taste wines.


Wines are tasted depending on their categories, origin, quality level and flavor type. The evaluation is performed according to a 100-point scale from the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), which is also recognized by the International Union of Enologists (UIOE).



About Bodegas Navarro López


Navarro López Bodegas, that merges tradition and innovation with its large selection of various Spanish D.O. wines, is a company known in over 70 countries, with a brand widely known for its quality, added value, innovation and sustainability. 


The wine that won the Gold Medal is a Don Aurelio Reserva, 2016, with a D.O. of Valdepeñas. It is a Tempranillo, with dark cherry red tasting notes with a muted ruby rim. On the nose it shows primary aromas of plum, blackberry and jams, along with anise, natural licorice, vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon and balsamic. On the palate, it is balanced, although tannic and smooth. It is especially recommended to accompany red meat (beef, lamb, suckling pig, and game), Iberian sausages and cured cheeses. Its ideal serving temperature is around 15 °C and 17 °C.


The wine that got the Gold Medal—Best of Show award is a Don Aurelio Gran Reserva, 2014, with a D.O. of Valdepeñas, also a Tempranillo. This award is especially appreciated as it acknowledges the high quality of the wine presented at the event. Its tasting notes are dark garnet red, with a tile rim. On the nose it has special notes (black pepper, cloves, nutmeg), balsamic, toasted and coffee with milk. In the mouth it is round, structured, wide, warm and pleasant.


The Silver Medal was for another wine from of the D.O. of Valdepeñas, of our own making, Laguna de la Nava Gran Reserva, 2015. Made exclusively from Tempranillo grapes, the red variety most cultivated in Spain. Aged in barrels for a year and a half, it offers plump and jammed aromas, with notes of nutmeg, cocoa and oak. The flavors of cherries, tart, and a caramelized sweetness have plenty of room to play with each other in this full-bodied red, which ends with a bright strawberry note and a dry, firm finish.


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