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Bodegas Navarro López obtains the certification of its protocol against Covid-19


After requesting certification from SOHISCERT, an entity specialized in the agri-food sector, it has passed the audit process to verify the adequacy of the measures adopted at its Valdepeñas facilities, where the company's offices and central services are also located.
Faced with the health alert caused by the coronavirus, Bodegas Navarro López adopted the necessary measures with the triple objective of ensuring the supply of its products to customers, reinforcing food safety guarantees and safeguarding the health of the company's workers.
With the certification of its Valdepeñas winery, where its headquarters are also located, it has been confirmed that it complies with the requirements established in the Agrifood Protocol against Covid-19 prepared by the certification company in collaboration with the sector.
From the quality area of ​​Navarro López a Covid-19 manual was prepared, taking into account the different facilities, types of operations, flows and workloads in each area of ​​the winery, including the production and packaging plant, as well as the offices and common spaces.
For its implementation, it has developed internal training actions and an information system for employees or people who interact with the company, also establishing specific procedures to manage the detection of symptoms before going to the plant, at the entrance of the facilities. or during the productive day.
For the protection of people, it has also measured and adapted work spaces, ensuring the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), the availability of products or personal hygiene methods in all units, reinforcing daily cleaning and disinfection, as well as waste management.
The Agrifood Protocol against Covid-19, also called AgroCovid-19, has been prepared by the certification company SOHISCERT and allows to standardize the way of acting of the agri-food industries, following the recommendations of national and international reference organizations, the official guides of the Ministry of Health and other Competent Authorities at the regional level.


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